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Twin Flames Jewelry LLc Welcomes You

Always Connected 

Hi my name is Addy, I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire...and I grew up  LOVING it only makes sense that I am here opening up a permanent jewelry company. Clasp free Jewelry...the chain is welded together on your wrist leaving a forever piece of beautiful jewelry that lasts until you decide to take it off. Many styles and metals to choose from... 14k gold, sterling silver, 14k gold filled, Rose gold... Create a bond with your spouse, S.O., best friend, mother/daughter, grandmother, keep it as a goal reminder, an accomplishment achieved, or just because you want one...etc.. ALWAYS CONNECTED... Offering...home parties, shop pop ups, call up appointments, bridal events,craft/shopping fairs...and more. So excited to offer this.

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Twin Flames Jewelry LLc

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Always open

Book your time today!! For you and your bestie! ❤️

Open to appointments all day Sundays and Thursdays, and most mornings all other days. 

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Call to set up an appointment or host a party!

Woodstock, New Hampshire, USA


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